Monday, July 6, 2020

Star Wars Rebels: "Alone in the dark" from Episode "Out of Darkness"

Below are storyboards from an Episode of Star Wars Rebels called "Out of Darkness".  The director wanted the scene to feel like a scene out of Ridley Scott's "Alien".  Please scroll to bottom of page to see finished clip from same sequence.

SABINE: Whoever-

SABINE (cont): -did this must have been pretty eager to
get what was inside.

HERA: Too eager to just flip the latch and open them?

HERA: Who would--

HERA: We're not dealing with a who--more like a "what."

SABINE: That's comforting.  You don't happen to know
why this base was abandoned?

We hear the sudden shriek of some kind of creature.

HERA: I'm starting to have my suspicions.


HERA: (Gasp)

HERA: Sabine!  Run!!

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